LEAP-1A Neo engines update

Hello all,

Apologies for the delay on updating the site. Last week has been a little bit busy with some things that I had to do, currently I am about to fully complete the LEAP-1A engines.

Although you can see them in a similar condition as the last update, this engine model was made from the two halves that have already been cut which are the parts that will be included in the set.

They are finished, but there are just a few things that have to be done prior the release, I will start making the first units during the next week. I currently started the photo etched parts which can be seen from the photos; the fanblades and spoiler supports, there are still other PE parts to make.

Decals are also another thing that have to be done, I couldn’t make them till now that I have the two engine parts assembled and thus can make the pylon decals.

I feel that I am way behind completing things but I am now fully focused on these projects. In the meanwhile I am also preparing new livery decals; Philippines “Lovebus” A350, A320Neo China Southern, A320Neo Frontier N301FR and N308FR, A320Neo TAP. I will be making a couple more for the A320Neo.

I am also preparing new A350 sharklets which will be released simultaneously when I release the LEAP engines, A350 new sharklets will include decals for all airlines, decals for these are now finished.

This week will be holiday but I will keep on progressing with the engines, although the main item is done, there are just few things that need to be completed.

Best wishes,