LEAP-1A Engines finished

Hello all,

It has been a while since the last update, but I kept working on the LEAP-1A engines and I can finally say that they are finished.

At this moment I am doing minor adjustments to the photo etched and also including the two drains that goes underneath the engines.

I tried to represent what would be the Easyjet A320Neo engines since I also wanted to test the base white decals for the color decals that goes on top and also finetuned them after these engines were made.
The pylon decals are both photorealistic and vector following the same design of the real engines as close as I could make them. There are a couple decals that won’t have the backing white decal (top D shape panel line and the two panels at the rear cowling section) solely because when the engine is dark, these lines become unnoticeable on the real aircraft.

I hope you guys like them, it has been a bit long project for which I tried my very best to make them as accurate as possible and I am glad to see them finished.

From this point I will start with the production of the first units so once I have these a little bit more advanced, I will give a release date.

In the meanwhile I also kept working on the livery decals, China Southern A320Neo, Frontier N301FR/N308FR, I also include at release the same day the TAP A320Neo, Generic LEAP-1A A320Neo, and Thai AirAsia A320Neo, the other aircraft from the Airbus family, the Philippines Love Bus A350.
I may be working on a couple more A320Neo liveries while I am making the first units of the engines, all the new liveries will be released simultaneously at the same day of the engines and the A350 new sharklets+decal release date.

The photos of the LEAP-1A engines:

Best wishes,