1/144 Catering truck new chassis (3)

Hello everybody,

I have been working on one of my 1/144 catering trucks because I wanted to do a finished version with the new chassis model.

The new chassis is very fun to build and I am currently half way finishing the model, I am also taking this oportunity to take photos during the process to aid on the building (although there are plenty of detailed drawings in the instructions) and specially to show which parts I prefer to paint first and then join them together.

I will publish the process photos here in the blog in a few days once I finish the model, my goal is to complete it this week.

The compartment here is placed just to see the effect, but the whole model still requieres more work, no matt varnish has been applied yet.

The first units with this new chassis were released a few days ago and run out of stock recently, therefore I am currently starting to prepare the next batch.
This time in the product page, I specified that if anyone wants a custom decal for the catering or AST-1 pushback, it is now possible.

I am also looking forward to retake the current projects after I finish this catering truck model. As I mentioned in the past, the 747 cargo deck set will also bring new GSE models, so I am going to be working on them alongside the cargo set. Currently working on the AFT cargo holds of the 747-8F.

Best wishes,