Struggling with the temperatures

Hello guys,

Not usual that I write an entry about the temperatures in my hometown, but they are somehow affecting the production of several items.

I have tried to print decals and currently, every print ends up with a paper jam. Trying to cool the printer down does not seem to work, it is not so helpful using a fan if the air that blows is hot anywaw, it is just not enough for the current weather conditions that we have.

Being so close to the sea, the ambient is very humid and my home gets all the sunrays being at the upper floor.
I will move the printer to another location where I can place it in a room with actually an air conditioner, hopefully this will solve the issue, but it may take me a couple days to set up everything required in the other PC/room.

Production for resin is also going to be a bit slower for the next days, again, the only space I have for the bigger equipment is in the attic, so we can say that I am exhausted to tell the sun to stop please melting me like an ice cream everywhere I go.
From here, I trully admire those who live in warmer climates, but I suppose is a matter of getting used to it, nevertheless, these changes of temperature, heatwaves and all these things are really something serious and we need to be very careful.

If I haven’t completely melted, I will post photos of the finished catering truck that I was working on with the new chassis. Model is 96% finished, so I expect to update the blog soon and make kit units in due time.

Thank you all for reading and remember; keep yourself hydrated, try to not to do exhausting activities and protect from the sun as much as possible.

Best wishes,