Catering truck finished – Livery decals back online

Hello everyone,

I was finally able to set up the printer in another location where I could actually have a room with better weather conditions and the results were successful. Livery decals are now back online and I am glad to mention that I started working on the B777-300ER and B787 decal sets.

My friend Alan has been giving me a couple of very good ideas that I am going to try to implement on these decals. I will give a little bit more info once I have something clear and something to show.

I have been working on the following catering truck during the last days and I am very happy with the result of the new chassis. It is easier for me to cast and actually more similar to the real system (rollers) it is also easier to position and more fun to build.

I will be restocking the different items including the kit for this catering little by little because weather dictates and materials are very susceptible to temperature and humidity, so I will be preparing new units as time/weather permits.

I will take a couple of weeks “off” this summer (but still accepting and shipping orders) because I want to clean and reorganize my workplace and the only way to do that is to pause a little bit the production for that period of time.

I also want to take some time to continue working on the current projects, the B747-8F/-400F deck set, the new cargo loader and the 1/12 B737 cockpit. Hopefully I can have an update on these soon, this weekend it is time to continue with the AFT cargo holds of the -8F.

I took some photos while I was building this catering model, my intention is to upload them in the next days as a “work in progress” so that anybody who wants or is building this model, can see which are the steps that I did to build it (painted).
It is everything explained in the instructions, however, I like to paint certain group of parts first, then assemble them, then paint others and join parts step by step.

I hope you guys liked it and I am really looking forward to advance with the new projects!

Best wishes,