1/144 catering truck general build guide – Info shipping


It seems that the tests done so far come out well and thus I will be able to use this equipment for upcoming projects, this will also help me enormously with the 1/12 B737 cockpit project. Once I have more info on this and some photos, I will share them here.

On regards the new shipping methods; they have been implemented in the site, I have managed to maintain the shipping as “certified letter” for the decal sets, so purchasing up to 4 decal sets will cost a fixed price.

To outside EU, shipping costs will be 7,20 Euro for one decal set (shipping with tracking information) and for 2 to up to 4 decal sets, price will be 14,05 Euro. From 4 decal sets onwards, the shipping method will automatically change to “package” type.
For shipments of decals within Europe, shipping prices will be 6,25 Euro for one set, and from 2 to up to 4 sets, 10,40 Euro. All methods are trackeable and have more priority character than “ordinary” letter.

I have extended the shipping materials so that more chances are offered depending on the items purchased. Because “package” has dimensional weight, it really did not matter shipping 100g or 500g in the same box, but it did putting that 100g to a smaller envelope. So by changing the packaging and offering a widder range, shipping costs are adjusted to item/package.

I added a new category on top of the blog menu called “GSE builds” where you can see some progress photos and explanation on how I build these models, just for reference. So far the first model added is the catering, you can visit the new section by clicking on here.

Catering truck will be back in stock on Friday 26th.

Last weekend I have been working on the 747-8F/-400F deck set and I am glad for how things are going. Cargo holds are finished, but just the main structure, need to add the detail on the walls and side walls of the main cargo compartment.
I have been thinking what would be the best way to cast this big fuselage and the idea I had was to cut it into 3 parts; front section (nose to wing root) middle section (wing area) and rear section (from wing root to past cargo door).

This will be very useful for several resons:
– It will be easier to cast. Due the shape of the cargo holds, I would have had problems with the resin and using the quantity of silicone I am going to use to make the molds, it better come out right at once.
– It will allow me to work better and focus on each area instead of having a big plastic fuselage on the table risking to break any detail once I start working on a particular area.
– It will make things simpler for shipping purposes, no long box is required, trying to keep shipping rates as low as possible (less volume).
– Now the ceiling can be “built in”, meaning that each half will have its ceiling, therefore no need to worry to put it in one side and adjust to the other side from the interior.
– Will make things “easier” (or clearer) when converting to the -400F version.

The con may be that it would take just a little bit longer to assembly, but for that same reason it will make the kit challenging and fun.

I am getting closer to having the panels made on the inside, so once I have that done, I will update this project with some photos.

Thank you all for your support, apologies for the latest entries which have been very boring and long, but I promise new photos of new stuff in the near future!

Best wishes,