Adjusted shipping costs – “summer holidays”

Hi guys,

I have re adjusted again the shipping costs, guess what; the shipping calculator at the postal service website was NOT working properly at the time I entered the shipping rates neither is working properly now. If I had to guess, this is all due this new shipping method is still being fixed in their postal systems.

I can however update this post after shipping the first orders with this method, that the “Paq Light” method, it is actually treated as a priority shipping, so it says on the label. So as I mentioned in earlier entries, although the shipping is a little bit more expensive than it was in the past, it is now priority.

This is something that I realized today while preparing some orders. Shop shipping rate was higher than what the postal service webform actually showed me, I went to the the shipping calculator from their site, entering the same data, and price was different, expensier on the shipping calculator, cheaper in the actual shipping preparation menu, shipping difference refunds were made to these specific orders.

What I did was to go to their 2019 shipping rates PDF file and add the ranges of different weights, up to 250, 500g etc. Now the shipping rates are accurate as per order weight as it should be, it was strange that the shipping cost was the same for 100g and 500g, but the problem was that I trusted their shipping calculator which I linked to the shipping preparation system thinking that both were the same.

Anyways, problem was taken on time and solved very quickly, shipping rates are adecuate and 100% accurate now.

Another thing I would like to mention is that we are a few days away from August. I am going to take a couple weeks of August as “holiday” to do a reorganization and cleaning of the workplace.
As some of you know, my current workplace has other stuff mixed in the room and I am actually working on having more space, add new tables, shelfs, make space for the new equipments/systems, paint the floor/walls and such.

It is the only time of the year besides Christmas that I can do this because I will need my father’s help. The store will remain open but during that time I won’t be able to make stock (except for decals) due the mess I will have in the room, so what there is currently in the store, is what will be till I can make more units after mid August.

There are going to be some changes in the current GSE catalogue, some of the products will be updated into a new version, some may have just certain parts updated and some will stay as they are. Once I have some progress of this, I will post it right here.

Thank you all for the support and patience.

Best wishes,