GSE to be released on January 24th

Hello all,

Hopefully everyone has entered 2020 alright.

Finally I can give an official, this time for real, release date for the GSE models (1/144 scale at the moment), that will be, on January 24th (this year, lol).

I can say that dealing with so many small parts for so many models can be quite stressful, however, everything is almost done, PE is almost completed, product photos are almost taken, so everything is so far going on the right way.

Why on January 24th? For several reasons; 1st, I want to do my best and finish the tests of the stairs truck for which I still need to create the instructions/decals, I really hope it can be released from the beginning, number 2; I still need to finish the product photos, prepare each product page at the store and set the correspondant settings for everything to work properly, such as the shipping. This is important, the products will be new (new entries) and all the GSE types in 1/144 scale are actually going to fit in the small type blister, which wasn’t the case in the past with the AST-1 for example, it had to use the big blister, therefore product dimensions changed in some cases.

Speaking of the AST-1 F 600, here is a photo of the finished model:

I had a lot of issues on the way, my old photo camera broke and at the moment I am having some weird (I think hardware) issues with my computer, fingers crossed it is still working well.

The third reason why on January 24th is to have time to resin cast the A320 sharklets (new model) and the WiFi radome antenna. I am not sure I will be able to release decal sets for the A320 sharklets, there are many A320 around the world, so I will probably have the sharklet details within the A320 decal sets which are due to be printed in the future with silk screen for the details and laser for the livery colors.

As you can see, there is still a lot to do, but I will release everything I have on January 24th, which will be all the GSE presented here so far, with hopes to release the stairs truck as well.

I also need to finish the instructions of these “squared-type” LD3 trolleys:

I think that is all for now, I will be completing the remaining GSE and keep on working with what I mentioned before. I will be keeping the blog updated the next weekend with the progress of these things. For 1/200 and 1/72 scale modelers, I have to say that once these 1/144 are released, I will be starting to test first the 1/200 scale models and later the 1/72. Things will have to be done a little different obviously, but my aim is to have the same GSE in all those scales.

See you all on the next weekend!

Best wishes,