Final countdown for the store re opening

Hello all,

I am writing this entry to inform of the store reopening that will take place today Friday 24th of January at 13:00 UTC, that would be; 14:00 Central European time, 22:00 local time in Japan, 8:00 AM at the East coast, 6:00 AM West coast of the USA.

I am trying to put the store back online at a time that can be accessed by most, the globe is quite big and it is difficult to find a time that can work for everybody.

Now on regards the store, I have very good news:

A few months ago, a big change had to be made in the shipping methods at the store because the post office no longer accepted shipping goods under the “certified letter” type. I am not sure if people have complained at the national courrier during this time, but they have put back the option of shipping goods within “certified letter” which, for shipping these small items, it is the best choice. Not only that, but they also made things more complete than before and allowed to write down in the online form, the customs form, this was only available under the “package” shipping method.

What does that mean? The biggest change are cheaper shipping costs, less time for me to prepare shipments but yet mantaining the fair delivery times which for the price (including tracking) are very reasonable, so if you are a pre “new” shipping method customer, it will all be like before. I may however in the future, add the “priority” shipping method.

What other things are new?

  • I have added a new category, “Ground accessories” which at the moment contains a set of cones (set of 10) in 1/144 scale and a set of (6) aircraft chocks (1/144 scale). I intend to add further items in this category.
  • During the next couple weeks I also plan to add another category “Ramp figures”. The first figures available will be the baggage cart/belt loader workers, with a set of a few figures loading luggage from the carts onto the loader conveyor.
    Since I plan to create more variety of figures, I may separate them into different categories “Passenger figures”, “Ramp workers”, or even “Crew figures”.
  • There is also a new category under the GSE Series, that is “Handler¬† decals”. These consist on a set of handler decals of different sizes so that you can customize the GSE models at your liking.
  • Another newlty is the possibility to purchase customized items from drop down menus, that means; if you want to purchase an LD3 container, you can chose the LD3 type from one drop down menu and chose the decal handler from another drop down menu. There is no more “writing at the text below” to customize these items thanks to a module I purchased and that seems to be working fine.

I am aware that some items have a bit low quantities, such as the new cones, chocks, A319/A320/A321 sharklets or the 1/144 baggage set. We have had a very terrible weather here during the last few days with intermittent blackouts which made it a bit difficult for me to have everything in the quantities I wanted, so that means that in the next days I will be adding more stock to these.

On a side note, the LD3 turntable trolley will undergo a modification, however, the new dollies set will be available.

During these next two weeks I also plan to have the stairs truck ready, during the last days it was impossible for me to work with it since I had to work on the stock and the store, so hopefully everything will have its process now and I will be able to dedicate time to the stock production and the creation of new items.

I plan to add other payment methods in the future as well.

That is all for now, I hope that the store will work well, if it does not, I will close it for maintenance again, except the new module for custom products and the new shipping method options, nothing has changed, so it should work fine as before.

Best wishes,