1/144 Belt Loader / Baggage cart figures preview

Hello all,

After a few days since the store re opening, I am very happy to see that efforts were worth it, the store seems to be working well and the latest module installed allows for an easier choice for the customer when having to customize certain items.

I am working on new units that will be progressively added to the current catalogue.

I want to give a huge thank you to all of those who trust in me and in what I do. I have been a modeling consumer all my life, enjoying this hobby since child.

I try to make things that a modeler may like, therefore I like to offer things as customized as possible, having decals of any airline so that the modeler can create the desired scenario. Work on the 1/200 scale will also start soon.

In about a couple weeks, I would like to release the stair truck model and a set of figures for the belt loader/baggage carts.

At the moment is a little difficult to see the details in the figures, but I hope to paint them to have a better view, they all are 1/144 scale, at about 13mm.

I really hope those models are of your liking, I am always open to requests or ideas, either for GSE models, airliner stuff or to make airline/handler decals that aren’t listed at the store.

Best wishes,