1/144 Figures for baggage carts/belt loader – Progress on the stairs truck

Hello everyone,

This weekend I would like to give an update on the stairs truck, the 1/144 figures, the 1/12 B737 cockpit and the stock units.

The stairs truck has gone through the fitting test, there are currently a few points that need to be fixed; the length of the “hydraulic rods”, thickness of the driving wheel and a few other bits, but overall I am glad to see that the height of the stairs goes from the A320 door ledge to the bigger airliner doors such as the A350, B777, B747 etc.

The rod actually slides inside the tube while the stairs rises or lowers, I kept in mind paint thickness so that the slide between the two parts can be smooth.

Finally I have been able to paint the baggage carts / belt loader figures to get a better view.

On regards the release date for the stairs truck, there may be a delay due the availability of materials, however, there are other areas to work on (instructions, decals, figures) while I await for the material (due to be received at mid week) so this also applies to the stock units, which are currently being produced (PE) and later the resin parts will be made.

It is normal that some units (most now) are out of stock due the recent opening of the site, so I am currently making more units of the GSE and will be updating the catalogue as I progress with them, so I am still trying to find the right balance/routine after the initial release of these items.

I also have news about the 1/12 B737 cockpit, I have to say that I found a way to work with it one/two days per week. Everything that I have done so far is discarded, it may sound crazy, but the reality is that I work faster and better with the computer and the 3D than working by hand, so this means that there is progress going on even I don’t upload it and so far, I have progressed in two days as much as I did in two weeks in the past.

For this particular project, there will be a first 3D model printed of each panel, and later these will be casted using the silicone molds and resin, the reason for this is to save some costs on resin and will be done only for bigger parts such as the sidewalls, pedestals etc, all other detail parts will be made in resin as the GSE resin parts.

By the end of next week I  expect to upload photos of the stairs truck finished and some progress on the other type of baggage cart / belt loader figures (summer clothing).

There is a lot to do, I do not forget the 1/200 scale models which I will also start soon, however this 1/200 models will be added into the store after I finish each one meaning that not all of them will be uploaded at once but in order of completion.

That is all for now, will update the blog again next weekend.
Best wishes,