Current situation and the virus

Hello everyone,

You may already be somewhat “tired” to hear about the coronavirus on the news, however, I would like to write a bit about how it may be affecting the store and the production of these items.

At the very moment I can handle the orders fine, orders will be shipped as planned, but, that does not mean that the government may take more and more measures and who knows if post offices will be closed since I think it is a place where there is quite the transit of people. I personally don’t think that will happen, but one never knows how things can go, I believe we haven’t reached the peak in Spain yet.

I am taking measures myself by protecting my hands everytime I have to sign on their tablets with the attached pen, so I hope that the post office can remain open and orders can be shipped as usual.

On regards material, people are getting in a kind of frenzee, I could not even find alcohol for cleaning the resin parts at my local hardware store, so will have to find it elsewhere.
Most of the material I use is purchased online, so I am not sure how this virus will affect the delivery times and such.

I personally don’t think that this will affect very much the production, but just a word to alert of what may happen, specially after seeing the situation of our friends in Italy.

People are staying at home, no school, no sport events etc, I think it is important to take the recommendations seriously, remain calm and try to go through these next weeks as prudent and calm as possible.

I want to dedicate a post about what is next after the release of the stairs truck which has been sold out recently, more units are being made and there are things I would like to explain about future projects, specially those which I am working with at the moment like the 1/200 GSE. I will comment a bit more about the 747 cargo deck set and other projects in another entry soon.

From here, a message to everybody, take good care and stay safe!
Best wishes,