Important message

Dear all,

The government declared yesterday the State of Alarm in the whole country land. This means that in order to slow down the number of infections by the Coronavirus, people must remain at home and only go out for the basic actions such as; groceries, take care of elderly, work, go to the drug store or go to the gas station.

It is not recommended anymore, but now it is mandatory to remain at home unless the actions I wrote before are really needed.

As such, I took the precaution of not shipping orders within the next 15 days which is a reference date that the government has fixed to see if the curve of people contagied diminishes and to see how things are evolving. This time frame may need to be extended.

Why I won’t be shipping orders during the next 15 days? The answer is simple, I want to follow the indications dictated by the government because I don’t want to either risk myself to get the virus and/or infect any member of my family nor anybody for that matter, elderly is specially very weak in front of this virus. Second of all, this situation is very stressful and I really need a time to reorganize myself.

All orders placed so far have been shipped, the last orders placed on Friday will be shipped tomorrow morning if possible, will indicate if those were successfully shipped as always by including the tracking number at the order details and set the order as “shipped” which customer will be able to see by loggin in and checking the order details.

Online store will remain open for those who wish to check their order status and have access to tracking information.

What will happen with the stock production?

At the moment I have material to prepare a few more items, however, I do believe that people are purchasing items for their homes that are far more important than the resin I use, therefore I don’t want to be one of those who adds to the “collapse” of the shippings of things that may be vital or important for people in need.

During the upcoming week I will be working with the computer, I will be reworking the 1/200 models, preparing livery decals for the future silk screen printing and working on other items such as the B737 cockpit, the A350 sharklets and another thing that I am preparing at the moment.

I may be using the remaining material for the testing of the 1/200 models prior I continue with the stock production which I will begin on Monday 23rd if possible.

I want to take this chance to organize things and keep on working with other things that I had to work on anyway.

I will write another update on the next weekend.

Best wishes and stay safe everyone,