About to reopen

Hi all,

I will be restocking the items in about 20 minutes.
I feel disappointed that I could not add more units, some are very low in stock, but it is a start. The store has a function that can set an item back in stock at a specific date (and shows the date) so this is what I will be using from now on when an item is out of stock.

This function will be used for the Neo engines which are at the store but not ready yet, as I am still working on their decals.

For me it has been very tough, because I have been helping a friend with a project for a couple weeks and I have seen myself working in several different areas, it has been a very stressful time.
I’ve used up a lot of material till now, so I expect to produce next units upon the restocking of the current items.

Some items like the A350 sharklets are not ready yet, but it is due I simply did not have enough time. From now on I hope things can get back on track, continue increasing the catalogue of the 1/200 GSE models, making more figures, and preparing the airliner decals for silk screen printing. It is all a process for which you need to complete step 1 before going to step 2. Once the 1/200 catalogue is similar as the 1/144 GSE catalogue, I will be making new GSE for 1/144 (cargo loader, catering etc) as well as start preparing the 1/72 GSE models.

Thank you all very much for your patience!

Best wishes,