Hello all,

During the last days I have been helping a friend and I haven’t been able to advance as much as I wanted with some of the upcoming items at the store.

The A320 Neo engines may be delayed for a few days since I have to fix a couple of parts from the photo etched sheet and make the decals. However, I will try to use a function from the store which will show the product page for the engines with a release date next to it.
At the moment I have assembled both versions (LEAP 1-A and P&W) and they fit without problems.

The A350 and A330 sharklets may be delayed as well or in the case of the A350 sharklets, few units will be produced first.

I have spent some time improving the production of some items such as the baggage cart “closed” and the baggage set. Production of the baggage cart was going to be very slow, so I changed a few things to provide more quantities by producing its resin parts in a different way, also the baggage set was arranged differently to avoid having to discard several sets as I always had to do.
The same can be said for the LD3 containers, so I expect to have more units of these in a quicker time.

It is always difficult and a challenge to restock everything at the same time plus work on new items at the same time, so there won’t be many units of everything, but I produced more of those I think people may purchase the most.

I will be updating these product pages and will be producing more units gradually in order to keep them in stock. Items will be back in stock on Friday 22nd at about 2pm CEST.

One last thing, I sometimes receive email delivery notification errors to my current email account, and I don’t want anybody to think that I do not want to respond in case an email was sent but I did not receieve it, so I created another email account (Gmail this time) which you can find at the contact page.

Wish everybody is safe and healthy,