Bumpy start of the year

Hello everyone,

I trust you had a pleasant start of the year, still obviously and unfortunately dealing with the situation of the Covid-19, which I hope that will improve in this new year.

So far for me things have been not very smooth, I have and still have some minor issues that I need to address. Nothing impossible but it will take me a little while, hence why I advertised at the webshop that all orders placed today onwards will be shipped from the 15th (Update: All fixed now, shipping as always). I need those extra key days to solve and prepare some things.

It has been some quite stressful weeks, not much time for holidays, but I think everything is progressing very well and I need to adapt myself to the increase of items in the catalogue, that means have things better prepared and think bigger.

A  couple things that I would like to mention is the recent increase in the shipping rates, although it is a slight increase, I feel that I need to say this somehow in case you see a difference from last year. This is something I do not wish, of course, however, the postal services increased the rates as they said “they have improved their services”, I will not argue with that, and I am sure that this is not the only thing that increases every time we enter a new year.
Still for me the main problem while shipping orders are the long queues I have to do in the street, so even they have improved their postal services, the situation is that the post offices are very busy and probably would need more workers.

Now that holidays are over, I hope that people will slow down a bit and have more time for work.

I wanted to avoid mentioning the Brexit as this blog is about scale models, but I have to say that according to what I saw, UK still has the same shipping costs as the rest of the EU, however, custom declarations will be required for me to fill in as any other International shipment outside EU.

This situation is probably something that may affect me in some ways as I use two materials from the UK, I am not sure price of those will increase or if the distributor in Spain will continue ordering those, one thing I know for sure is that if I order those myself, I will probably need to pay 21% TAX over the total+shipping and 20 Euro fee for paperwork. This is a bit vague at the moment, but I need to stay tuned and see if obtaining that material won’t be an issue.

No matter what happens with this, I will not be modifying item prices unless it is for a sale price as it happened with the LD3 container dollies.


Work with the B787 rear galley has started as well as with the cargo loader double scissor. I hope to get back on track after the recent events and continue working on these projects.

Thank you all for reading and hope to share something more interesting next time.
Best wishes,