New units back in stock

Hello everyone, The new towbar pushback trucks, the towbars and the catering model are now back in stock.Work continues with the second group for restocking which will be the AST-1 pushback, the FMC15i cargo loader, stairs truck TLD ABS 1740 and belt loader TUG 660. I will also continue with the ongoing projects. I would like to share the latest process with the B787-9 cargo holds this weekend as well as the work I started back in summer with the B787-9 galleys for my personal project and thus make the first entry of this build. Take good care everybody.Best wishes,Guillem

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Projects continue – Two more friend galleries

Hello everyone, Today I may not bring a lot of news but I am glad to say that most of the issues I had a couple weeks ago are practically solved. Currently I am doing the last preparations for the restocking of the new towbar trucks, towbars and catering trucks which will be available again next Friday. I had to take some days to remake/adjust a few aspects of the new towbar trucks in the process of solving these issues I mentioned in my previous entry. I have been progressing forward with the 1/144 antennae pack, which at first, it …

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Restocking date and invisible problems solved

Hello all, During the last few days I have been chasing a ghost and I’ve been able to track him down, let me explain. Lately, I guess since the last update on the equipment, I have been having a lot of issues printing certain parts.As you can imagine, the parts to be printed require a structure from the bottom so that they can build up layer by layer. I had issues of certain parts of the model with supports not attaching to the actual base of the part, you can see an example below: These are the catering truck interiors …

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