Restock/releases on Friday 29th

Hello everyone,

Some time has passed since my last update. These days have been quite difficult because of the temperatures and the heatwave we have here.

Although it seems that higher temperatures, as opposed to colder ones, don’t affect the printing much, resin casting is always very hard to do when the room temperature is so high.

Working in an environment that feels more like an oven or a sauna is complex and with that said, there will be some limitations on the new items that I will be releasing on Friday meaning that there won’t be as many quantities as I had hoped. Needless to say, I will continue with the production and add more quantities as soon as I progress and in a quicker way once the heatwave is gone.

You may notice the webshop already has some of the new products in it (not yet available); the radomes, pitot tubes, antennas, sharklets, winglets… I will soon update the product page for the B787-9 cargo holds and change the front page a bit on the 29th.

During all this time I have been working on other subjects, such as the F59 in 1/72 scale which is nearly completed. All the parts were done and I am currently working on the body, leaving it ready for casting. Details are sharper than what can be seen below, I think this heat is starting to melt my cellphone.

On the other hand, I am also progressing with the B747-8F/-400F. The main deck has been completed and also, the bulkhead. I may detail the bulked some more, but that is mainly how it will be.

After finishing the basic shape of the fuselage/wingroot, the main deck, the nose area and the main shape of the cargo holds, it is time to work on the cockpit.

I am not planning to detail it much further than this, mainly because 85% of it will probably not be visible from the outside, so currently my focus is on the cockpit itself.

After some issues with the delivery, I was finally able to test by myself the 0,5mm optic fiber wire. It is very good for point lights, with a certain degree of ambiance, they will be perfect for the cargo deck sidewalls, but alternatively, I am studying the possibility to add a series of small LED lights as a general lighting. Wires are the main issue, where to run them through, but I will come up with something.

That is all for now, I want to go on working on the other projects as well, the 1/12 B737 cabin, and other of the GSE which are also quite advanced such as the Pulsar 7D and the new baggage carts.

Take good care everyone,