1/12 B737NG cabin – B747-8F/-400F progress and release/restock date

Hello everyone,

Today I am sharing some more progress about the two main projects that I have this year.

The radio panel on the 1/12 B737 cabin has been finished. I did an initial test on all the radio panel sections and I like the result. Something to keep in mind when viewing these images is the size of these parts, they are much smaller than what you can feel from the photo.

I still have to test the fitting of the various knobs and switches. Basically each radio module will be added one by one by the modeler, on top of the radio pedestal which will have three columns separated by a panel line to perfectly align each module.

For my own test, I did not sand any edge, so they were simply cut off the base to check the overall result of them together.

The main panel has also been completed, but before I test it, I would like to have the main structure done (the main panel was remade again), that will be the next step.

On the other subject, the B747-8F/400F, it is progressing well, most of the nose section is completed, there are some smaller details I still need to add, and I am also considering making the padding that is located inside the nose cone.

Sometimes you need to make some sacrifices regarding fitting/dimensions/realism. This was the case for the hinges and rods (rods will be made out of metal or plastic), also, details in the renders may be “exaggerated” in some cases but because later on, these will be very subtle once printed.

The electric motor and the gearboxes were made and there will be some wiring inside the nose.

While the nose area is almost done, work has continued with the main deck. Currently working on the rear section and the side door platform area.

This set, which I finally called it “Transdetail kit” (because it transforms the detail from an original kit and it is a kit itself, not quite like a transkit that changes the original model kit), will also include decals; the anti slippery marks on the main deck made as a decal will be a nice addition solving the difficulty that would be having to paint each little rectangle perfectly.

Finally, the restock of the B787-8 galleys and some other currently out of stock items and the release of the new items will be on July 29th. These new items will be:

– 1/144 B787-9 Forward cargo hold module.
– 1/144 B787-9 Rear cargo hold module.
– 1/144 Antenna set “A”.
– 1/144 Satcom antenna set.
– 1/144 Pitot tubes assortment.
– 1/144 Radomes; Viasat, Gogo 2KU, Arinc 791, Inmarsat GX and Boeing factory.
– 1/144 Airbus narrowbody sharklets.
– 1/144 Airbus A350 sharklets.
– 1/144 B747-400 Winglets.

Some out of stock items like the baggage carts will take a bit more time since I am making the new movable towbar version. I am also progressing with the work of the rest of the projects; the 1/72 Schopf F59, the 1/144 Pulsar 7D etc.

That is all for now, I hope to share more finished things soon.
Take good care everyone.

Best wishes,