1/144 B747-8F nose door padding – General update

Hello everyone,

I wanted to write this general update about the current work I am doing as well as provide some information regarding the status of my equipment. I hope I can keep things organized and all of you informed from the latest progress.

First of all, a quick update on the B747-8F, I was able to add padding inside the nose cargo door, it has more texture and volume so hopefully this will be of your liking. Personally I think it looks more interesting than the flat surfaces it had before. Also, the rain gutter was added on the entry door which is something I forgot and something that got lost in between those error sessions.

As you can see, I can work on different type of surfaces and create different effects, so this is something I am going to put to practice on the new cargo containers, especially those that have a lining door or a cloth cover.

I have started working on some containers for the 747-8F/-400F but also have been working on the 737F container as well. My goal is to have a wide variety of cargo containers and pallets.

A quick update on my new printer; it is packed and being returned since ultimately no solution was found. I want to post some photos so that you guys can see what I have been dealing with and where a lot of material was wasted on:

In this case, as it is often said, a picture is worth a thousand words. On the plus side, the company has been very cooperative. I was presenting the results of the tests until they suggest the refund/return in the end. Despite the bad experience with this printer, there is confidence with the company’s support, you know that if you have any issue they will be there to help, and if things can’t get solved, you have some guarantee. This is a bit of an adventure when purchasing from a company you haven’t purchased from before, but at least I can keep that positive part from the experience.

So as you can see, I am still unable to print specific parts. I wanted to print all of those for the B747 cargo project and start with the test-fitting phase, but that will not be possible yet.

The bad news is that the printer, another model I would like to purchase, won’t be available again until early March, so this is going to be quite a big gap before I can start with all these parts I want to print.

I have been testing/working on the 1/144 B787 cargo holds remodel. I have started working on the B787-8 version for the cargo holds with the idea to have a better outer body shape so that I can produce it later on without issues which were the main cause of me stopping production of the B787-9 cargo holds.

I am working on the -8 because it may be possible with the new outer shape for it to be used for both the -8 and -9 or at least, use the work done as a base, I know the length is not the same, but that is something I need to test.
I am at an early stage but I just wanted to mention that this project is being done, the new software allows me to do things that I could not do in the past so I can be more precise and accurate thinking on further processes, so I think a remodel for better production was necessary since a lot of material from failed results was being wasted. As I mentioned in previous entries, the detailing will be the same, so it is more of a change in thinking on the production process.

This is also another project that will depend on the new printer, so although I can do some tests, I can’t really do a final master part until I can get the new equipment early in March.

I must apologize to the 1/200 modelers/collectors for me not having done much progress on the towbar pushback trucks. This was also a project dependent on the new printer, but the shape and size of these little models will not be an issue for being produced in my stock-making printers, only that some bit of extra work will be required.
Towards the end of the week, I will begin the production of these; the 1/200 Schopf F110 and 1/200 Schopf F210 and will advance assembly from there.

I am also working on new sets of 1/144 figures, especially ramp workers. I am currently working on new clothes, this takes a bit of time, but once I have the characters dressed, I will be making three new sets.

I am going to be catching up on the 1/12 B737 cockpit project. I have learned quite a lot from the error messages on the 747 cargo project while saving, so this is going to make me do certain changes on the workflow. I am hoping to have things better arranged and thus reducing the risk of having problems later on.
There is a high chance I may redo the whole front unit, the main panel. This is for two main reasons, one; I will be able to print larger, so there is no need to divide the panel, two; I can work with 3D textures now, so this will be useful for me to add texture on the glareshield and glarewings.

There is a lot to do, all explained above is combined with me working on new units of articles in order to keep things moving forward also with hopes to bring you new stuff and new progress on all those ongoing projects soon.

Thank you very much everyone for reading and for the support, I am wishing you all a nice start of the week.