Several updates in one

Hello everyone,

Today I am bringing several updates for the ongoing projects as well as a couple new ones.

B787 Project:
After solving the issue to make the transparent doors, I can confirm that there is no obstacle in the way now, for this project to reach its end. It was difficult to make the transparent doors, but I learned a couple things to improve the success rate and I am now about to make the final molds for these doors. This means that the last parts to make are the doors and fuselage sections.

My example project is also moving forward, a huge step was done during the past couple weeks. The fuselage was finally closed with everything inside. Two videos are uploaded on Youtube and I am at this moment editing the next one.

Right now the project has a light coat of grey primer to check for imperfections in certain areas. It was about time to apply some primer to see how the state of the aircraft is.

My objective is to leave the fuselage as best as possible prior attaching the wings and the tail fin. Once that is done, I will proceed with the painting stage and the work with the doors.

Although I can’t give a release date yet, I am getting closer and closer, once the final parts are being done, I will be able to provide a release date for the whole 787 items.

I will also be including this particular part (besides the original version one) with the little bulge that I noticed in most -9 versions:

The latest videos on the project:

GSE models:

The GSE models are progressing forward, as you know, I am revising each vehicle at a time.
My goal is, revise and complete a particular model which is also being simultaneously designed and ready for 1/200 and 1/72 scales aswell.

By the time I release the 787 items, I will be doing some arrangements to the shop, because this revising of the various models will take me some time, out of stock models will be removed awaiting for the new version. I will most probably be releasing them (in all those three scales) two or three at a time rather than waiting to have the whole catalog at once, this is to keep things running.

Right now I am working on two models, the AST-1 F 600 (100% done in 1/144, initial tests in 1/200 and yet to be ported to 1/72). The other model I am working on is the new Volvo FL Electric catering truck from which the 1/72 scale version is done (advanced assembly) and currently about to start the test fitting of the 1/144 version yet to make the initial test for the 1/200 (which will be quite a challenge in such size).

Here are the parts of the new AST-1 F 600 model in 1/144, bear in mind the size of these tiny details which are way way enlarged in the photos:

The parts are coming out as crisp as I can have them, which is why lots of testing is previously done (and why things also take me so long to complete). As you may have noticed, I was able to make the transparent cabin, and not only for the AST-1, but already preparing ahead the revision of the other vehicles, I tested most of the other cabins thus acetate will no longer be needed and instead a combination of clear parts/painting masks will be included:

The catering model is progressing forward in 1/72 as this is also a side job that I was requested by the original company themselves.

This is not the only work I have been doing in 1/72 scale, but also have been working on the winglets and split scimitars for the B737NG in 1/72 scale, for the beautiful BPK kit. These winglets will include transparent parts for the light covers (aft light as well).

These winglets will be resin casted, and actually the split scimitar has three parts; the main winglet, the bottom and top tips.

I am also revising the 1/72 B737 NG details set as I am doing some changes in the packaging. A new version will be published with an extra type of TCAS antenna (AT 910) and another type of TAT probe will be included, thus having the asiprated and unaspirated in the same set.
These new antennas will be included free of charge once the new version is available only to those who bought the initial detail set and only to those who wants them, more info will be provided later on.

Also, again in 1/72 scale, a towbar for the 737NG/MAX will be available at the time of the 787 release, also, both the pushback figures set A and B will be ported to 1/72 scale as well.

As you can see, I am working on several things at a time, on one side I am working with the B787, that is, my example/test model and the final parts, the updated GSE models (for which 1/200 and 1/72 versions are also made at the same time) and other accessories that will be available at the launch of the 787 items (1/72 figures, 1/72 towbar, updated set 1/72 737NG and probably something more).

I will try to provide updates more often rather than everything in one, but I am trying to move forward everything at the same time.
The 1/12 B737NG cabin is not abandoned but on a very long pause due the current “rebuild” of the catalog and due the investment done in the 787.

I did not want to finish this entry without giving a huge thank you to Jasper and Stephan who have provided me with plenty of reference images for various GSE models for which base is at Schiphol airport. Once I can revise the current catalog of GSE models, I will be working on new projects yet to come.

That is all for now, I hope you like these progress so far.
Best wishes,