Towbarless pushback AST-1

Hello all,

Apologies for being late on giving updates on how are things going, it has been a bit complicated time for me.

I am glad to say that I finally found the settings and materials that gives me the best results and so I was able to make one of the first GSE models that I first scratchbuilded a long time ago.

As I mentioned in the earlier entry, I would like to do a bit of overview of the items that will be substituting the old GSE range. I think I mentioned this before, but I am not producing new substitutes for the purpose of reselling “old stuff” the reason of re making the GSE is due a change of production (no more silicone molds in this case) and at the same time, an improvement over the previous models.

The new AST-1 pushback does have a bit more detail than the previous version, detail is now more subtle, better scaled if you will.
In the photos below you can notice a few extra details such as; tire marks, more detailed center rims, subtle smaller wires inside the main body, the chain mechanism for lifting the cabin and the steering wheel actually being solid.
I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, I tried to paint the model slightly white to highlight details but the camera of my cellphone is perhaps not the best to take such close up photos. There will be new photos in the item’s webpage.

This model will also include the photo etched parts that were included in the previous model, with the exception that the photo etched steering wheel will be removed since there will actually be a solid resin steering wheel.

The decals will also be the same, however, a couple more decal objects will be included for the cockpit screens, also, a driver figure will be included. At the same time I would like to include a couple other details, one of them being¬† the fire extinguisher as it was in the previous model and a couple of cones piled on top of each other to be placed in one of the sides of the cabin. Regarding the decals, I will include other details such as the exhaust which will actually have a “weathering” effect, the decals for the tail lights and the panel grids.

Photos of the model still without the PE:

It is uneasy for me to have the store with 0 GSE in stock and other models due the time it is taking me to do these new models and the lack of photo etch, but I do believe that if I had to do this change, that it was for the best and to provide the best parts possible, so even it takes a bit more time, I hope you can understand that it is because I am fine tuning each item to provide it as best as possible.

I am going to be doing more final tests during the next couple of weeks, the next model I would like to overview are the two GPUs,  the Houchin C690 and a new one; the TLD 414.

What I am doing is producing each model at a time to see what needs to be adjusted prior I move to the next item, although all the models haven been tested, corrections done need to be checked. Once that I have all the items tested (including build tests) I will start production and also get inmersed in the photo etching process.

The 1/200 scale will be tested once I start to make the 1/144 photo etched parts, since they will come from the same model, some of the smallest parts will need to be checked due physical limitations.

Situation is sometimes overwhelming because I do feel it is like starting from scratch. I apologize for all the time it is taking me to have this available and hope for your understanding.

See you all in the next entry.

Best wishes,