Tow tractor JST-25 & GPU TLD 414

Good Sunday,

I have been doing more tests during the last days and can now post some photos of the new GSE models, a baggage tractor (JST-25) and a new GPU model, the TLD 414.

A few things that I would like to mention about these; both will probably include decals, the GPU for sure will since there are lots of warning marks (and TLD logos) on it, for the tractor I may add the tail lights.
The photo etched parts will be the front grid for the JST tractor and probably the GPU won’t have any other PE detail except for an extra access door to be attached to the airplane’s fuselage. The TLD will include a thin wire for connection to the aircraft and if I am able to adjust the cabin on the tractor, will include an acetate sheet for the windshields and PE wippers.

Details are very small and some modifications are required, on the JST tractor the gear has to be thicker and I still need to adjust the cabin. For the GPU 414 I would like to add some rivets on the base.

There are lots of tests going on, for the pushback AST-1  that I presented last week, I am currently working on the driver figure, added the fire extinguisher, cones and the headlights that I forgot.

Before I move forward with other models, I want to apply these corrections to these 3 models and move forward with the tests, next one will be the Houchin GPU and belt loader TUG660.
The rear fender of the JST tractor is designed to fit the towbars of the baggage carts.

It is taking me a lot of time and material to start fresh with these models, but so far I like how things are going and after all the 1/144 models are completed, I will focus on the 1/200 versions.
I would like to remind and apology for the lack of items in the store, I am about to start testing the new procedures on the photo etching process so more time is required.

More work will continue this week, so I hope to share more progress soon.

Best wishes,