Tow Tractor TLD JST-25 finished and the future of the Livery decals

Hi everybody,

Despite I wanted to release the new GSE items around this time of the year, it is still taking me some time to complete everything.

I am however, starting to package the first units, so I am doing all what I can to supply these as best as possible, specially, due their tiny size. It also does take me some time to make the first completed version of each that needs to be used for the product page.

I will be honest, I feel I am starting new with the business I started a few years ago, except that I am very very grateful that customers already know how I work. I compare it to cycling, when you get on the bycicle and you have to do the first pedal, it is harder to get velocity quickly, so this is pretty much what I am feeling, except I am taking the first pedal on a pronunciated slope.

It does not take that much time at all to make units of a certain item if stock of that particular item is 0, however, making units of all of them does take me some time, specially if you make silly mistakes like I did on the JST-25 cab version.

I recently completed the JST-25 truck (photos below), however, when I went to assembly the cab version, I was wondering… wait a minute, this little thing needs driving mirrors, right? Duh… of course it did, so I had to make these, do another test, prepare for assembly… and these silly things can be said almost about any model I made, all of them required of fine tuning and that translates to time, and unfortunately, translates to cost…

This leads me to another subject; I can’t at the moment, continue providing the livery decals. As I said at the beginning and in past entries, this is like starting fresh… so you either focus (and invest) in one thing, or another… so reached this point, I won’t be able to sell livery decals, at least for some time.

I do not take this as a bad thing, in fact, I would have paused it sooner or later due the change I want to do with the silk screen printed details.
I do still have my artworks and in my honest opinion, the best thing to do here is just make a pause, prepare the A320 and A350 artworks to be printed in silk screen, and continue with the B777-300ER decal set.

My objectives are start as I did several years ago; making the GSE items and other airliner detail parts along the way (I don’t forget the 1/12 B737 cabin and the 747-8F/-400F projects) then once I can invest on the livery decals, that is what I am going to do. Even I won’t be printing them at least any time soon, I will certainly be working on the artworks, converting the detail sets to be silk screen printed, which will be combined with the livery itself.

Here are some photos of the JST-25 model, please bear in mind this thing is 2cm, 0,8inch long (1/144 scale).

Figures will be included in the set, you will be able to chose from long/short sleeves, helmet/no helmet.


Despite all the pressure to get things done, I still keep the love and passion for these airliner models, I love creating these things and that others can use them with their beautiful aircrafts, this is a dream that started in my teenage.
This is the energy that keeps me moving to do my very best, I have a lot of enthusiasm to make new things for airliners as these are a big passion of mine.

Work continues, items are being made/packed (PE, decals, resin parts, acetate sheets, braided wires etc…) and I am also going to be completing more vehicles that need to be build for product pages.

Wish you all have a wonderful week!

Best wishes,