Tow tractor JST-25 with cab – Stock process

Hi all,

Just finished the JST-25 version with the cab and advancing more with the stock units.

  • Towbarless pushback AST-1 F 600 / stock completed.
  • Tow tractor JST-25 without cab / stock completed.
  • Tow JST-25 with cab / stock completed.
  • Belt loader TUG 660 / half stock completed.
  • Houchin GPU C690 / half stock completed.
  • TLD 414 GPU / to start stock.
  • Baggage carts open / to start stock.
  • Baggage carts closed / to start stock.
  • LD3 containers / to start stock.
  • LD3 turntable trolleys / to start stock.
  • Sharklets A319/A320/A321 / to start stock.
  • WiFi radome antenna / to start stock.

All in 1/144 first, 1/200 will come afterwards, later 1/72.

Please note that, some items due their tinier size, can be done and stocked quicker, such as the baggage carts, containers, sharklets, WiFi radomes. So basically I am starting the stock with the “harder” items to produce, either by size or quantity of parts.

There are also a couple of new items that will be launched as well, a new smaller and square LD3 trolley set and a set of chocks and cones (small ground stuff).


Stock production is ongoing everyday.

Best wishes,