I need help – Livery decals

*Update 11/09/2020 13:23

Dear all,

I never thought that I would face a situation where finding a subcontractor would represent such an issue for the business.

I am talking about decal printing companies. As you probably know, I retired the livery decals from the online store some time ago because my goal was to have them printed in a different method; either silk screen, digital or any other techniques there may be besides laser print.

I thought to myself that I was better off saving the material at the moment to keep printing the decals that are included in the GSE models and in the meanwhile, adjust the livery artworks and save to invest trying to contact a decal company to have these livery decals (details sheet) printed.

To some, the decision of saving material for another line of products may be ridiculous, but I have to say that these materials are not cheap, even less if I have to purchase them outside the EU, besides there are several other materials that needed to be taken into consideration for the other products and the change in production (for the most part, from resin casting to 3D printing).

After being able to afford having those detail decals printed by a company, I wrote to one I always had in mind, but seeing how time was passing by and I wasn’t getting any news, I decided to find others.

So far I have contacted 5 companies from which only one (2) had the kindness to respond, and as it seems, they are pretty busy for the rest of the year being next year still unknown, I really appreciated their sincerity, because I understand what it is to be limited with work and deadlines.
*Update: Another company replied, I am currently dealing with the given information of the specific printing requirements.

I guess that this was my mistake, to think that I could contact them anytime and have the prints in a specific time (let’s say a month or month and a half tops) but not having a response really changes things for my business.

So I am currently finding myself with decals for which I invested a big amount of time, and no one being able to print these for me.
Naturally when you see that your hard work is somewhat hanging by a thread, it affects your desire to continue.

At the moment I do not know what I am going to do with these decals, either print them again myself as they were (which were fine, only “inconvenient” was the white decal separated from the color and the lack of metallic color), continue trying to find someone that could print them, or give up them.

The reason why I was writing this entry was to see if somebody knew somebody, if somebody could known a specific person or company that could print these for me.

I think that after all, it is a business opportunity for the other company as well, because having those detail decals printed would allow me to move on with liveries and create more time after time and even accept specific livery requests, in other words, if there are sales there would also be for the printing company.

Spirits are pretty much down these days, not only due the decals, but I feel things are getting up hill for me in other aspects, although I keep on producing the GSE units (restock of specific ones next week) and working on the new stuff, the only thing that keeps me motivated is the goal to create.

I hope to have news from some of these companies as I wrote another email just in case, or receive news from somebody you may know, I will need to take a decision on the livery decals otherwise.
Please contact me if you are interested in printing these for me or if you know somebody who can:

Thank you all,
Best wishes,