Livery decals project moving forward

Dear all,

I would like to start this entry by thanking you sincerely for the help that I received due my last entry about the livery decals.
Thank you so much for taking the time to write and give me info that will be very helpful to me.

I would like to say that I finally found somebody who could print these decals for me and although I cannot write much about it yet, I have to say that their service and attention is beyond excellent and that I will be able to print them as I intended.

The detail decals will be silk screen printed and the first ones that I will have will be for the A320/A321/A320N/A321N and A350-900/A350-1000.

I will try to use the space as best as possible and thus make those details to be used for more than one model type, similar to what some manufacturers do with their injection kits.

Silk screening is another story, so costs of producing those decals need to be taken carefully into consideration, specially due the colors which are not going to be standard as my aim is for the details to suit better the scale (scale factor).

The detail sheets will be very similar to the decals I used to have, however, the whole artwork will require of a modification in order to suit better this type of printing and that means that it will take me a little bit of time to complete this.

At the moment I have all the information needed from the company to adjust all the decals so work has already begun.

I also aim for some specific customization and leave some options open for choice for the modeler, that means that I may be doing several photorealistic cockpit window decals and or passenger windows (so that if you have a small collection, window details are different for each aircraft, window shades will be distributed differently in those options).

The theory would be to make a selection from a button of the decal set in particular within the online store, this way the modeler will be able to customize the decal set with those minor selections.

The final product will be a combination of different decals, on one side there will be the whole aircraft details in silk screen with also some silver details and on the other side the livery itself which will be laser print. Laser print is a very good option as I saw with the previous decals, however this time I will be doing some testing to have those laser decals clear coated.

This gives me much more freedom to test-print as much as I need in order to match a certain livery color and do all sorts of different designs which would be imposible (I think) with sillk screening such as multicolored gradients (again, I am not 100% sure this can be done in silk screen), so I will try that the whole set is nicely balanced to also be cost effective, as it would be impossible for me to have the liveries silk screened too, particularly due the amount of detail (space area) already in the set, it would be nearly bigger than an A4 sheet for the bigger airliners.
I also take into consideration the clear windows and the possibility of leaving the silver window frames separately, trying to give as many options as possible to the modeler.

Again, the area is somehow a bit more limited than it was before, so maybe some specific decals such as the weathered emergency exit markings on the wings of the A320 set may be removed or added separately on the laser sheet.

The important is that this project is moving forward and I hope to write more news about it once things are more advanced, so far the artwork is now being adjusted for silk screening.

On another note, there will be restocking of some of the GSE models at the end of the week as production has begun a week ago and continuing on thus more units will be produced of the rest of the items.
At the same time I would like to say that the country list where I can ship has been updated.

Thank you all very much for your support and for your time.
Best wishes,