Progress and thoughts

Hello everyone,

It has been some time I haven’t updated the blog, so I wanted to write a few words regarding the restocking process and to share some thoughts that I had in the last few days.

I am currently in the process of production for the 1/144 Commander Cargo loader FMC15i. The first parts are being baggaged, although the photo etched parts are yet to be produced. I am aware that this takes quite some time to complete, so far, this loader is the item that requires most time, parts of it are created with different methods in order to have a better kit, I am currently at about 70% completion.

Items are being out of stock at the store, so I am also working on the production of those.

These days have been and are very busy, I not only focus on production, but I am also trying to achieve a higher chance of success in the resin and photo etch processes, as not always these come out right, I have been doing some tests and found a good balance finally, temperatures really impact very much on the making of the resin parts.

Some good news and bad news; bad news is that I had to take a step back on the B787 rear galley and the double scissors for the FMC15i. I was not totally satisfied with the result, so I am modifying these elements, untortunately I may not have them done by the next restocking. The positive side of this is that in the case of the B787 rear galley, the modification to do is minimal and on the double scissors, they have been made again and I am going to test them soon.

The good news is, the new equipment that I incorporated in the production is working very well, I was very surprised as basically, not much adjustments were needed, however, because of the file formats are different, all the work that I have done so far had to be resaved and converted, a few files were presenting issues but are being fixed now. Once this is ready, I will be able to restock in more quantities.

The other good news, now that I am able to create my own masking templates, a whole lot of useful ideas came to mind that will greatly allow me to make some projects that at that time were unreachable for me to make.
Being able to make masking templates means that I will be able to make crystal clear cabins. This means that there is not going to be a need for acetate windshields, but instead, the whole tractor cabin or catering truck cabin will be crystal transparent an thus the included maskings will protect the windshields in the painting process and allow for a better finish (similar as the clear cockpit windshields in the model kits). I cannot give much more details on this, but I am defenitely going to try it for the next project (catering truck).

These areĀ  a lot of mix of emotions these days, I feel things are growing and I am currently changing aspects of how and where do I save the parts, preparation of materials etc. As more and more items are being produced, I must have things better organized and available.
Of course this mixes with the emotions for what I see on TV about the Covid-19 which is a problem that it seems is getting worse and worse. I do not know how 2021 will go, but I prefer to think about all the ideas and projects that I hope to start very soon and have in the back of my mind the idea that better times will come.

Wish you all a happy weekend and please, stay safe.