I wanted to write this short entry to say that I am still working on the new parts for each GSE model (except baggage carts and dollies which will be packaged as always). These are not “new” parts per se, but rearranging them so that they are on a base.
This takes quite some time because small adjustments on the base of some parts are required, but most of it is done. I am also testing to see the ease of removal from the base and so far all looks very good to me. Spares are still included.

There is no detail loss and the parts are well arranged with numbers beneath them, which is going to lead me to readjust the instructions with this extra bit of info as well. I may also do a complete change on the ilustrations but that will require some extra time.

I’ve been also working on the airliner decal illustrations (first for the A320/A321 family, then the A350), I already have the silk screens in my possesion but there is still some work to do with the laser parts of the set. I am working on the illustrations so that I can represent the aircraft as realistic and nice as possible, as I also wish for these instructions to be a small “collectable”.

Work goes on, as I am testing each GSE model, the new restock is being done, the B787 galleys for example are nearly done, and there will be more units initially than what I used to restock so far.

Wish everyone is doing well and wish you all a nice week.

Best wishes,