Envirotainer RAP e2 Container, News and Youtube channel

Hi all,

I wanted to present the finished Envirotainer RAP e2 Container as well as a new type of aircraft chocks, which are replicated from those used by airliners and a modified set of safety cones. These chocks will substitute the old ones which are very difficult to make in these hot temperatures.

A special note on this refrigerated container model which was used to carry and deliver the Covid-19 vaccines.

I wanted to share with you the first video uploaded at my new Youtube channel, there will be more to come, the next one will be the build progress of this cargo loader:

I resumed the work with the 1/144 catering truck and the B787-9 cargo holds. B747 freighter project will follow up next. I am expecting to resume the 1/12 B737 cabin project again soon.

At the moment I am not too cheerful with things, at home there are some difficulties that sometimes prevent me from work and that get in the way with my motivation, but I am doing my best.

Next weekend I will finally be able to give a release/restock date as I am starting to package all this week, PE process has been completed.

Wish you are all safe and sound,