B747-8F/-400F New progress

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share a quick update about the work being done with the B747-8F / -400F.

I have been working around the nose area and have started the work with the main deck. So far all is going well, I think the most critical points on the design have been overcome, I am currently working on the nose cone interior as I am pausing for a bit the work of the main deck.

I need to refer to this project in a different way, since “detail set” probably does not represent the contents of the set, as a reminder, this is being made to be used with the Revell 747-8i or 8F models. The set will include both fuselage halves (except the tail cone and tail section), nose, main deck, cargo holds and cockpit. From the Revell kit, the wings, engines, landing gear and tail cone will be used.

This project is advancing steadily and I have the hopes that it can be finished this year, (Christmas seems like a good deadline for me). I always thought it would take me much longer to complete, at least to reach the stage in which the project is currently.

There is however, time to be dedicated to other things too; the 1/12 B737 cockpit project which has also been progressing very well.

There is extra work done that I haven’t fully shared yet; new baggage carts that will feature the moving towbar up and down and a linning covered version. Some other smaller GSE are also being done (The Pulsar 7D cargo transporter that you have seen in a previous entry).
The biggest of the Schopf family, the F396 is a finished and tested model now, but production of it needs to start.

So there will be two release dates; one for the release of the B787-9 cargo holds, restock of the B787-8/9 galleys, pitot tubes, antennas, radomes, sharklets, and a second release that will include the new baggage carts, the F396 and most surely other smaller GSE items such as the Pulsar 7D. The 1/72 Schopf F59 will also most surely be released then.

I will be giving a final release date for the first bunch of new items next weekend.

Best wishes,