Quick update

Hello everyone,

This will be a very short update.
I have a couple things to mention, one is positive, the other is not so good.

The positive side is that the design of the B747-8F is coming to an end. The final details are being designed, the LED locations were prepared and all the 3D design will be completed in the next week.

Bad aspect is, since this is becoming such a large file to work with, I am having some errors while saving, not sure if what I experienced was an isolated case but fortunately I did not lose much. I will see over the course of the next steps/saves if the error appears again or not.

Other bad things; the new printer is performing very poorly. I am dealing with customer support to find a solution, this will delay my plans for the B747 and it is certainly adding quite a big amount of pressure and stress over my shoulders.

The other printers are currently producing units of the out of stock products, so I hope to restock as I get things done, yet my disappointment towards the previous resin still bothers me.

Lastly, and this is very important.
I generally don’t give my opinion on what I think about things, what bothers me or what not, but I am in a moment in life were things are being hard as it feels like bad luck is following me everywhere I go with every aspect, not just modeling/work, I am generally optimistic, but as every human there are times that makes you wonder things.

So on top of that, I have people asking me for discounts, asking me for discounts when I feel that this is such a small market yet due the problems I am facing with production which takes me longer to have things ready at the store. Still I am happy to see people who often show support and this really keeps me going and fortunately, this is the vast majority.

The materials I use are expensive in relation to what I am making out of this, yet I love doing what I do and I will continue, I know eventually things will get better.

But you see the investment you put into make everything the best possible and thinking “well, if I can sell this, I am going to afford buying this material” (which is for work anyway) yet people ask for a discount as if the products I sell are expensive. To me, asking for a discount shows that you really don’t care about the crafting of the product itself and the hours behind it.

Then most probably those people don’t ask discounts from bigger companies, if I could produce 100000 T-shirts in a day with everything being automated, I would not care less to give a discount, but this is not the same thing.

It really bothers me, it is like you have a painter, who can barely pay for his/her oil paints and brushes and when the portrait is done, you ask him/her for a discount.
Or in the case of the USA not tipping at the end of the meal in a restaurant (as it may be interpreted on TV), or just the opposite extreme, giving a tip in a restaurant in Japan which is considered the worst as it symbolizes service was not good enough. For me, people asking me for a discount is the exact same thing.

In any case, at the end of the day I am happy doing what I do, I will continue no matter what, to which road I continue will always depend on the customer in terms of what people likes or dislikes, and at the same time I am optimistic to try other things, I still have objectives which I am bound to complete.

Apologies for the rant, but I wanted to express this, next time you ask someone for a discount, consider the work behind it.

Next week, if luck hasn’t worsened much more, I will be able to share the renders of the completed design for the B747-8F project, the -400F will follow once the -8F model (physical model) is completed.

Take care everyone.
Best wishes,