1/144 B747 cockpit shell progress and info

Hello everyone,

I don’t have a lot to share today, but I wanted to explain the current situation.

It has been quite some time since the last update on the 747 cargo project.
To be totally honest with you, the cockpit shell is still giving me difficulties. I am not running out of ideas to try, so that is good in a way, but at the same time it can be very frustrating and I feel that I can make it better time after time.

Right now the main issue I am having with this resin is the drying times. It is a resin hard to demold, so I need to check and use a proper demolder. The resin takes 24 hours to cure, but the resulting part is flexible for a few days before becoming strong solid.

All the parts that I tested, even resin remains as thin as a paper foil became fully and solid hardened, so I am using this cockpit shell to know how much it takes for it to be fully hardened. * Update: Reading the technical datasheet for this resin, it takes 7 days for it to fully cure.

I am not pleased with the results of the window frames, I am working on it and still have a few ideas to explore. I also need to rework the bottom inner area of the shell which can be seen from outside. * Another update: The area was fixed while I was updating a new video for the 787 galley frames on Youtube. I am refering to the area that can be seen at the lower part of the two front windshields, that inner shape has been removed.

I am feeling overwhelmed these days, dealing with some stuff which can be discouraging. Putting all my mind into work always helps, but this also means that I need to establish preferences in order for me to work as precise as possible (I tend to jump from one thing to another and end up not finishing neither).

My workplace is still a bit untidy, most of the reformations were done, but there are still things I need to take to the recycling center.

I decided not continuing with anything else until I have everything organized 100%, having to work in such environment just adds anxiety at this point and espcecially with the hot temperatures gradually coming in.
I have so many test parts lying on my table that I just don’t have more space and after so many tests, I need to throw old parts not to mix them with the final versions.
Now that I mention the 787, I decided that the galley doors will be clear casted, no need to deal with the door windows, simply adding the mask on the window and painting the door will do.

I will be pushing forward during the next days and clear out my workspace, throw old stuff and stop having stuff on my path, it is the only way I can concentrate in my projects especially now that they are in a very critical stage.

In the meantime, here is a new video of part 3 for the 787 galley frames. This time adding the rear frame which is done differently than the previous ones, this one needs of the bottom centerline as reference point, due the tail fin at the top of the door. All these centerline references are needed for the door threshold to match the galley floor on both sides of the fuselage.

Take good care, I hope to bring some more interesting updates next time.
Best wishes,