1/144 New truck cabins progress and new radomes

Hello everyone,

It’s been some days without updates, I was sick a couple weeks ago, fortunately I am feeling much better now but around here, we are living in the strong heat of summer at this time which makes me slow down things a bit.

Today I am bringing some news, a bit of each subject, hopefully I can bring more soon.

First of all, the issues I had with the clear resin are resolved, a very precise mixture is needed for the part to fully harden, so I can progress on the B747 cockpit part.
I am trying to adjust it after the initial tests, being transparent one needs to consider the inner shape as well so this has been taken care of.
After several attempts, I will try a different approach regarding the preparation for full transparency/frames/design which I think is the method that will give the best results.

The B787 galleys are currently being in the molding stage, as I am working on my own B787, I am testing the parts once more to make sure all will fit alright. As soon as I have finished changing all the door frames on my example model, I will then share the parts and process of the galley themselves. The first tests on the cockpit parts were also done, all is ok so hopefully I can create more content on the building stages of these galleys alongside the preparation of the first units.

I also have been working on new cabins for various trucks. Being able to make transparent parts has opened a new way for me, so I am going to be changing the catering truck cabins in the future in preparation for the next GSE models I will be building; the hydrant dispenser and a fuel tanker. With the idea of using the same cabins of the catering for the hydrant dispenser.

Brief change of subject scale: A reason why the 1/200 GSE are also on pause, is precisely for this very same reason, since I may be using clear cabins for the pushback trucks in that scale as well.

The cabins of the catering truck (the Atego and Ford F750) were designed with the older software, so in order to make them transparent, a redesign of the 3D models is needed.

The new catering cabins will be the Mercedes Econic (used in several airports around the world with both Mallaghan and Doll chassis), a Ford and Isuzu models yet to determine.

Since as far as I know, the Econic cabin is not used with the hydrant models, I may make another European cabin that can be used for both, the catering and the hydrant.

So this will be the possibilities:
Catering truck: Mercedes Econic, Ford, Isuzu and another European type.
Hydrant dispenser: Ford, Isuzu and the other European type.
Fuel tanker: Mercedes Actros.

Lastly, a fellow modeler asked me about a radome on a JAL 767, so I made a new series of radomes.
This one, the Intelsat 2KU is a bit unusual and it is used on JAL’s 767 and Delta’s 767 as well as on JAL’s B737-800 and most probably on other airliners:

I also made a larger than in the satcom set, HGA satcom antenna, which is frequently seen on airliners:

On my “radome spree” I also made the Panasonic radome used on ANA’s / JAL’s B787 (and many other B787 such as American) and very similar in shape as those often used on B777s:

Lastly, I also remodeled the Arinc 791 and the Inmarsat GX radomes and detailed further the Gogo 2KU:

All these radomes can be found here: https://www.rocastmodels.com/store/index.php?id_cms=37&controller=cms

As you can see, most of the updates are design-wise, this is due the time I needed to recover and also due the hot temperatures, working with materials requires a bit more out of me, so as I am feeling better and better, I am progressing as much as I can.

On my next update I will share the B747 cockpit shell completed as well as the first B787 galley/cockpit parts.

Take good care everyone.
Best wishes,