1/200 Belt loader finished – I’ll be back in September

Hello everyone,

This will be my last entry till I am back in September, as I mentioned earlier, I want to take some days off, I will continue to ship orders as usual and continue to work on stuff and hopefully I will be able to bring news when I am back in September. I need some time to get myself recharged as summer is very hard for me where I live, it affects me physically, mentally and also affects the materials that I use, so I think it is a good time to try to cool down, make some modeling and advance on projects in a pressureless way.

I am awaiting a response from the printing company to have the decals silk screen printed, so if everything goes well, livery decals will be back before the end of the year.

I have to admit that I am feeling a bit disappointed with the 747 cargo set as I am having difficulties with the printed floor. This is a problem that appears after the part is fully cured and it happens to all sorts of printing methods, materials and printers. When a part is flat, thin and long, you are more likely to have bending issues, this is why the conveyor of the belt loader is casted in polyurethane resin.

I am studying the possibility to make the floor of the cargo holds already built in the fuselage or modify the bottom of it to produce it differently. This would also be a problem for the main deck, but I always had planned that it would be casted in polyurethane resin, being a solid floor there won’t be any issues.


I have finished the 1/200 belt loader, but now I am onto the final step, which consists in preparing its product page, the photos, the decals, the instructions… PE was made and tested and all is so far so  good. I have been able to make the figures for the 1/200 belt loader altough the summer version requires modifications, have been able to make the wheeldrive solid/in resin as well.

That is all for now, I hope to bring something new on September, I wish you all have a nice month of August and be safe.

Best wishes,

747-8F/-400F FWD lowerdeck cargo floor and Belt loader 1/200 update

Hello everyone,

I have been progressing a little bit more on current projects while also trying to adjust a few other things about the current GSE models, more than adjusting, simply re arranging things so that it could be a bit easier to produce/pack them.

On regards the 747 cargo project, both fuselages are now at the same step, the sidewalls are smooth so I expect to do something with them to imitate the lining.
The deck that you can see for the FWD cargo holds is actually my second attempt, as I did one the other weekend, now I have it where I wanted it since the first version was conflicting with the door level.

The door frame will require some modifications at the lowest part, on the real aircraft the wall that contacts with the door (the latches) is vertical, but due the cut that was done and due the fuselage being cylindrical, the face where the latches go is diagonal. There is some work to do on the door area, I will be reworking it next weekend. This is another of the reasons why I want to cast the whole thing, there are modifications that required to be done in a project as big as this, it does not work by simply opening the door, and as you can see, the side walls had to be build directly on top of the fuselage.

The FWD floor will be different for Revell and Zvezda kits on regards length, this is due the kit limitations as I could not push longer with the Zvezda due the plastic part for the nose gear, so that section is a few mm longer on the Revell, won’t be an issue since sight can’t reach both floor ends.


The 1/200 GSE models are coming along very good. I have started assembling the belt loader for testing and example purposes and so far so good, I still have to make the PE and add the wheeldrive. This time the belt loader will come with one single figure version, winter without helmet, the reason for this is to ease on stock production, although I may give it a try and do the other variants as the 1/144 scale.

The Houchin GPU C690 is also being tested, soon to be assembled/painted, again for example purposes.

Both 1/200 items are going to be in the store soon since the first productions were coming out very well from the start.

Nedless to say the belt loader pictured here is stil a work in progress, PE is yet not in place, some parts are not yet added and some decals are still missing on the conveyor.

Next month will be very important to me, because there are some things that I want to do that I never have the chance to do, so I will take a couple weeks “off” and try to reorganize/make things.

It won’t be fully holiday for me, I will still be dispatching orders, I will still be making units (slower) but I want to take this time to enjoy modeling, which I nearly forgot and assembly at least one airplane. There is hopefully going to be something tangible on the 1/12 B737 cabin project, it will be time for me to check what are the steps needed for the current projects and prepare the next 1/200 GSE because once things are a bit more equal in the catalogue between the 1/144 and 1/200, I will start the next 1/144 GSE, the FMC15i cargo loader “universal”.

Best wishes,

B747-8F/-400F FWD cargo bay progress

Hello everyone,

Today I want to share a very little progress that I am doing with the Forward cargo hold on the 747-8F (at the moment, the -400F will be coming later).

I have been studying carefully the reference photos that I could find as well as a very extensive manual. So far I am trying to reproduce everything that I see from the 1/1 model, for example, the ball rollers of the loading platform are the same number than that of the real aircraft.

The structure panels have this kind of insulation texture, although I am at the moment thinking about making them a bit thinner. There is still some work to do which I expect to do between today and tomorrow, because my goal is to test fit it this weekend on the model.

These photos are a work in progress so I am at the moment working mainly on the platform. To my surprise, to floor is not flat, manual indicates two walkways which are also the place for some sort of wheels, so basically you can see through the airplanes interior and see the structure. Rail tracks and such are placed on top of these structure sections.

So this is how at first, I would like these parts to fit, the fuselage will have the inbuild sidewalls and then the rail system which also includes the entry platform and structure will be placed inside during the building process. If you recall that white plastic floor I showed on the previous entry, this printed part will take its place.

That is all for now, I hope that if things go well I can do some more progress this weekend, I also need to advance with the other fuselage.

Best wishes,

747-8F/-400F FWD cargo hold structure


Although I haven’t been able to advance as much as I wanted to, I finally finished the main structure of the B747-8F FWD cargo hold.

This is cargo bay is by no means finished yet, it is only the main structure; the sidewalls. The white floor you can see in the images is a “dummy” floor, it was needed to have it in order to make the sidewalls, the floor level was gotten from placing the plastic at the cargo door level.

I wanted to do the same steps on the other fuselage, but I run out of time, for the next weekend I plan to have the same steps done on the other model. There is still some work to do currently with this main structure, and that is to make both fwd and aft walls thicker.

On regards the floor, it will be made with the computer and it will represent the rollers, the locking systems and the platform with the rotating balls as similar as possible to the real aircraft. There is one detail that I like to include and this will be the different beams and sections which have the round shape of the fuselage under the floor level which can be visible in the real aircraft.

One last note for today’s entry, the side walls are now just a flat surface (although angled), but I expect to give them some volume to imitate the lining texture, the upper side will also have their correspondent details, decal markings etc.


Hopefully I can post more updates next week!

Best wishes,

B747-8F/-400F here we go again!

Dear all,

As I am finishing establishing the new equipment (so far everything seems good, fingers crossed) I am able to produce quicker than before, however, there are a few things that need to be changed since the new equipment has a bit more power, thus some adjustments with the settings need to be done.

Here we have summer and working at the top floor is always… an adventure. I did manage to keep the room cooler so work continues as always.

With this entry I wanted to explain the comeback of the 747 cargo project that was started a long time ago.

I have been cutting Revell’s and Zvezda’s fuselage as I will start working on the cargo holds soon. As you can see, this time I decided to go with another strategy, very similar to a model ship’s hull:

By cutting the fuselage this way, I have full access to the cargo bay, this way it will be much easier for me to work with it and add as much detail as I can, this will also be very useful in the building process since access for painting will be possible.
The main deck will sit on top of two guides I will place on each side of the fuselage (or on top of the side walls), so once the cargo holds are painted, the main deck can be painted/decaled outside and placed on top.

The finished product will include both halves, top and bottom fuselage, however, I will also put available the underside of the fuselage, for those who want to have only the cargo holds on a passenger or a “closed” freighter.

I will not compare the two kits since each has its own pros and cons, but what I will say is that for me, one will be a bit “easier” to work with while the other will require some putty under the belly, but that is not a big deal, as I said, both have pros and cons, some lacks a bit of detail on the tail section while the other has more lines engraved, plastics are different, one sands better than the other.
In the end this will be a resin kit, the center union will already be sanded down, so the only union that will require putty/sand will be the horizontal one. At first, I won’t be including the tail and tail cones,  since the bulkhead will be attached to the end of the fuselage and will rest inside the tail cone.

I wanted to cut the fuselage as further as possible towards the tail, because I would also like to make the BCF or BDSF freighters and those have the original passenger doors and I did not want to miss fuselage section for the 5L door.

Both are fantastic kits, and the cargo set will be done for both equally and at the same time. The reason for making the Zvezda version as well is to convert the -8i model into the -8F model, for several reasons, availability of the model kit, modeler’s preference (for plastic etc) and prices at which these kits can be found.

The two fuselage shapes are practically identical:

Putting the fuselages on top of each other, they match very well, there are however some differences on the cargo doors, I have to double check this, but it is possible that the positioning of the cargo doors is slightly different from each kit. Speaking of doors, I still have to open the bulk cargo door, area which now will be “easier” to work with.

Above image shows a test I did to find the floor level, obviously there is still a lot of work to do, but I am very optimistic with this project and will focus all my energies into it.

The next step will be to scan the model and get the shape of the main deck, once the main deck profile is drawn, I will work with it in 3D and by the time the cargo holds are ready, I will be able to progress with work upwards and onto the other half of the fuselage.

Hope to progress a bit more soon!

Best wishes,

A thank you message and a second take on the 747-8F/-400F

Dear all,

I wanted to write this entry to give a big thank you message to all those who support me, to all those who trust in the things I do and that care about it and treasure it as much as I do.

Thanks to all your help I am able to expand the equipment finally, that means that I will be able to keep the store with more stuff available, that means I will be able to have things done quicker.
I haven’t mentioned how long does it take to have a specific model done, but for reference, it takes me about 3,5 hours to have two belt loaders plus 30 min to cut/clean/bag its parts, not counting the time it takes to make the photo etched parts. So without doubt, the extra equipment will be so much appreciated, specially if something happens to the other equipment, I still have another one to keep on going.

During the week I will be slowing a bit the production because I need to reorganize the workplace, I need to restructure a bit the room to make space for the extra equipment, change the position of a shelf, add another table etc, orders will be shipped like always, that won’t be affected.

Now onto the 747-8F/-400F, the other day I had an idea coming in my mind that I still don’t know why I did not think about it earlier. I defenitely found the way to make this project, I was just looking at it all worng because of the way the fuselage halves are joined… but it never ocurred to me to look at it as if it was a model ship… so the thing is to make this project cutting the fuselage horizontally, right at the main deck level, so this way joining left/right sides, you would have like the hull of a ship on both, the bottom fuselage and the ceiling, that will allow me to make the ceiling perfectly straight and make the main deck also straight, it would also allow me to make the cargo holds much better, because the way I was doing it earlier, it had to match both left and right sides, now it will all match at one point, the main deck.
Not sure if I explained myself correctly, but this will also help in the sense that by joining the bottom half of the Zvezda kit, I may be able to reuse the work done on the upper half in the Revell one (still wondering about the cockpit windows), this will be useful since each kit has their own wing attachments / landing gears.

I think I may be using this technique in future items, or to remake the A320 galleys and cargo holds, that would mean having those things already build in the fuselage. Also, this will avoid the user to have to cut doors on the plastic kit. It would also be an option to have both halves separately, for example in the A320, if you only want cargo holds, the bottom half will be available, if you want both galleys and holds, both halves will be included.

And now to finish the entry, a few photos of the sptters at the ramp!

Best wishes and thank you very much for your support,




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