Last entry of the year – First parts of the B747-8F/-400F

Hello everyone, Today I am sharing with you what will be my last entry for 2022. During these last weeks I have been doing several tests with my new printer so that I could make parts as crisp and as best as possible.So far, the results are good, but I am still working on obtaining a bit more detail and understanding a bit better what this new type of printer needs for it to work at its best. Below you can find some photos of the actual printed parts for the B747-8F/-400F. These were printed in different rounds and I …

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Last entries of the year

Hello everyone, We are reaching the end of the year and this will probably be my penultimate, if not the last (depending on how things go) update for 2022. What am I dealing with currently?Thanks to your support, I have been able to purchase a new printer which will be of incredible help for projects such as the B747-8F/-400F and the 1/12 B737 cockpit. Not only I can print larger, but also maintaining a great detail in the parts.It has been quite a stressing time, because when you need to adapt to new things and try to understand new things, …

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B747-8F/-400F Cargo doors completed

Hello everyone, It has been some time since I last wrote an update about the cargo project I am currently working on. I am very happy to say that the project is moving forward after finally figuring out which were the issues with my printers. It turns out it was a bad resin bottle, despite it was still at 1.5 years from the expiry date. Nevertheless, that made me learn new things as well as improving the equipment that I am using.

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