GSE to be released on January 24th

Hello all,

Hopefully everyone has entered 2020 alright.

Finally I can give an official, this time for real, release date for the GSE models (1/144 scale at the moment), that will be, on January 24th (this year, lol).

I can say that dealing with so many small parts for so many models can be quite stressful, however, everything is almost done, PE is almost completed, product photos are almost taken, so everything is so far going on the right way.

Why on January 24th? For several reasons; 1st, I want to do my best and finish the tests of the stairs truck for which I still need to create the instructions/decals, I really hope it can be released from the beginning, number 2; I still need to finish the product photos, prepare each product page at the store and set the correspondant settings for everything to work properly, such as the shipping. This is important, the products will be new (new entries) and all the GSE types in 1/144 scale are actually going to fit in the small type blister, which wasn’t the case in the past with the AST-1 for example, it had to use the big blister, therefore product dimensions changed in some cases.

Speaking of the AST-1 F 600, here is a photo of the finished model:

I had a lot of issues on the way, my old photo camera broke and at the moment I am having some weird (I think hardware) issues with my computer, fingers crossed it is still working well.

The third reason why on January 24th is to have time to resin cast the A320 sharklets (new model) and the WiFi radome antenna. I am not sure I will be able to release decal sets for the A320 sharklets, there are many A320 around the world, so I will probably have the sharklet details within the A320 decal sets which are due to be printed in the future with silk screen for the details and laser for the livery colors.

As you can see, there is still a lot to do, but I will release everything I have on January 24th, which will be all the GSE presented here so far, with hopes to release the stairs truck as well.

I also need to finish the instructions of these “squared-type” LD3 trolleys:

I think that is all for now, I will be completing the remaining GSE and keep on working with what I mentioned before. I will be keeping the blog updated the next weekend with the progress of these things. For 1/200 and 1/72 scale modelers, I have to say that once these 1/144 are released, I will be starting to test first the 1/200 scale models and later the 1/72. Things will have to be done a little different obviously, but my aim is to have the same GSE in all those scales.

See you all on the next weekend!

Best wishes,


New model preview – general update and Happy Holidays

Hello everyone,

Yes, I am still here, spending the days working on the stock units, new items and hopefully, being able to complete a few other models for product page examples soon.

Today I wanted to say a couple things; first of all, I wish everyone wonderful holidays, it is time of being home with the warmth of the family, or on a nice trip, very soon time to say goodbye to this year, and pass page again for the next one.

Now, on regards the units, how are these? when they will be released? Things are progressing, I really can’t go any faster than this, something I thought would be ready at the end of November is taking me so long that I have to move my hopefully new release date to January next year.

Products are still being packed, PE is being made, had lots of troubles to make it again since I changed a few things such as the UV source and that altered the whole process.

In any case, work is continuing on, I have started to take the final product photos which you can see some examples below, and a bonus model I wanted to comment about:

It is a (at the moment 1/144) passenger stairs. It is adjustable and it is based on the TLD ABS 1740 model. It will fit from an A320 to a B777 door heights, which is basically a quite wide range of aircrafts. I also plan on creating figures, and a set I have in mind is going to be specifically created to fit and be used on these stairs.

Now on regards product photos,  there is nothing new as everything has yet been covered, but since work is continuing on and I don’t have much else to show, here are a few images:


More progress is continuing, once I have a bit more to share, I will, in the meanwhile, wish all of you can have all the love and time of your beloved ones in these special days!

Best wishes,

Hello all,

I am writing this entry to let you know of the process on the stock making of these new GSE items. The day I said I was going to release these by the end of November, I probably wasn’t thinking this carefully enough.

I am literally cutting hundreds of parts to prepare these units and packaging them very carefully to make sure nothing is left, so once I bag parts of a particular item, I do it in its entirely to make sure each bag has the same number of parts.

The AST-1 F600 has around 40 parts, I currently prepared 10 sets, so that is a total of 400 parts bagged. It really is not that time consuming, but considering that stock has to be made of all items, that is what takes me most of the time, if it was re stocking an out of stock item, it would be quicker, but it is the entire catalogue (and some other new items) I am re stocking.

As I said in my previous entry, I am starting with the models that have more parts, so smaller items such as the baggage carts or trolleys will not take that long.

The reason for providing the kits this way is for a very fundamental reason, cutting the parts out of the base to be assembled on the model is something very delicate, I break one while doing so; I have spares, I can also make them again, so what I want to do with this is to leave the items ready to be assembled, this also saves on weight which translates on saving shipping prices and the time to do this is not that much consuming if we think of restocking a couple items, again making the entire catalogue is what is taking me that long time.

This weekend I am starting to bag the belt loader parts, hopefully I can keep up working at full speed every day and have them ready soon.

Thank you all for reading and for the patience, in between stock making and bagging these parts, I am also working on new items, I have done a first test with a retractable passenger stairs for which I plan to make a collection of figures later on.

Wish you all a nice weekend,

Tow tractor JST-25 with cab – Stock process

Hi all,

Just finished the JST-25 version with the cab and advancing more with the stock units.

  • Towbarless pushback AST-1 F 600 / stock completed.
  • Tow tractor JST-25 without cab / stock completed.
  • Tow JST-25 with cab / stock completed.
  • Belt loader TUG 660 / half stock completed.
  • Houchin GPU C690 / half stock completed.
  • TLD 414 GPU / to start stock.
  • Baggage carts open / to start stock.
  • Baggage carts closed / to start stock.
  • LD3 containers / to start stock.
  • LD3 turntable trolleys / to start stock.
  • Sharklets A319/A320/A321 / to start stock.
  • WiFi radome antenna / to start stock.

All in 1/144 first, 1/200 will come afterwards, later 1/72.

Please note that, some items due their tinier size, can be done and stocked quicker, such as the baggage carts, containers, sharklets, WiFi radomes. So basically I am starting the stock with the “harder” items to produce, either by size or quantity of parts.

There are also a couple of new items that will be launched as well, a new smaller and square LD3 trolley set and a set of chocks and cones (small ground stuff).


Stock production is ongoing everyday.

Best wishes,

Tow Tractor TLD JST-25 finished and the future of the Livery decals

Hi everybody,

Despite I wanted to release the new GSE items around this time of the year, it is still taking me some time to complete everything.

I am however, starting to package the first units, so I am doing all what I can to supply these as best as possible, specially, due their tiny size. It also does take me some time to make the first completed version of each that needs to be used for the product page.

I will be honest, I feel I am starting new with the business I started a few years ago, except that I am very very grateful that customers already know how I work. I compare it to cycling, when you get on the bycicle and you have to do the first pedal, it is harder to get velocity quickly, so this is pretty much what I am feeling, except I am taking the first pedal on a pronunciated slope.

It does not take that much time at all to make units of a certain item if stock of that particular item is 0, however, making units of all of them does take me some time, specially if you make silly mistakes like I did on the JST-25 cab version.

I recently completed the JST-25 truck (photos below), however, when I went to assembly the cab version, I was wondering… wait a minute, this little thing needs driving mirrors, right? Duh… of course it did, so I had to make these, do another test, prepare for assembly… and these silly things can be said almost about any model I made, all of them required of fine tuning and that translates to time, and unfortunately, translates to cost…

This leads me to another subject; I can’t at the moment, continue providing the livery decals. As I said at the beginning and in past entries, this is like starting fresh… so you either focus (and invest) in one thing, or another… so reached this point, I won’t be able to sell livery decals, at least for some time.

I do not take this as a bad thing, in fact, I would have paused it sooner or later due the change I want to do with the silk screen printed details.
I do still have my artworks and in my honest opinion, the best thing to do here is just make a pause, prepare the A320 and A350 artworks to be printed in silk screen, and continue with the B777-300ER decal set.

My objectives are start as I did several years ago; making the GSE items and other airliner detail parts along the way (I don’t forget the 1/12 B737 cabin and the 747-8F/-400F projects) then once I can invest on the livery decals, that is what I am going to do. Even I won’t be printing them at least any time soon, I will certainly be working on the artworks, converting the detail sets to be silk screen printed, which will be combined with the livery itself.

Here are some photos of the JST-25 model, please bear in mind this thing is 2cm, 0,8inch long (1/144 scale).

Figures will be included in the set, you will be able to chose from long/short sleeves, helmet/no helmet.


Despite all the pressure to get things done, I still keep the love and passion for these airliner models, I love creating these things and that others can use them with their beautiful aircrafts, this is a dream that started in my teenage.
This is the energy that keeps me moving to do my very best, I have a lot of enthusiasm to make new things for airliners as these are a big passion of mine.

Work continues, items are being made/packed (PE, decals, resin parts, acetate sheets, braided wires etc…) and I am also going to be completing more vehicles that need to be build for product pages.

Wish you all have a wonderful week!

Best wishes,



1/144 Belt loader finished – Airbus new sharklets

Hello all,

Unusual time for me to give an update as I usually write on the weekends, but I wanted to give an overview on how are things and the latest model I tested/build/completed.

Prior this, I wanted to comment a few points:

  • Very soon I will change the livery decals from the 8 micron film to the “standard” 13 micron decal film. The reasons are; 1) availability; to me it is a bit harder to find this type of paper within my reach, meaning, to have it readily available anytime I need. The second reason is that it may result harder for some modelers to use it on bigger decals. I have been testing the standard 13 micron decal and to be honest, it still gives very good results on terms of thickness, still thin, but it seems to keep straighter once starting to be removed from the paper base in comparison to the 8 micron film, where it may just be a bit easier to get folded if not being careful.So what about the smaller decals? I have done a precise test since I was building the belt loader and wanted to give it a shot to see how the “standard” 13 micron film behaves on smaller decals of about 3 x 1,5mm, the results were satisfactory, I was very happy with how it worked, still without visible edges, so I thought that all in all and for the purpose of the GSE and airliners, the 13 micron decal film seems to be a better option overall.

Talking about decals, I am redoing the LD3 container decals with the airlines from the previous LD3 due stock reasons, since the decals I have now (from the original batch) will not last forever.

I am also creating  a separate sheet of decals with numerous airline logos in case you wanted to customize the GSE models, so you will find Delta, Emirates, ANA etc logos in different sizes on the same sheet (one carrier/sheet).

Plans to resume the 777-300ER (and so forth) decal sets will continue once I get things done with the GSE.

  • New Airbus sharklets, what about it?
    Some time ago, a good friend of mine contacted me with a 3D model that he created based on the geometry of the Airbus A320. He was very kind enough to send me the file for me to check it out and distribute the finished product to the modelers if in the end I was able to make it in 1/144. I decided to give it a go and modeled my version (working side by side with the original), so that the thickness could be viable in the small scale (it was originally in 1/1 size) and made the dimensions were it connects to the wing as per Zvezda’s A320 model size, so this sharklet is, the best representation (and the closest) I can make of the small Airbus family sharklet.
    Similar process will be carried for the A350 “new” wingtip. Now, I am a bit unaware of model kit news, but I think Zvezda will or did release the A350-1000 which should have the new sharklets, so my intention is to produce the new wingtips for those having the A350-900 kit.I am considering providing airline decals together with these A320 sharklets, which is something similar I did and will continue to do for the A350 sharklets.


  • GSE models, the TUG 660 belt loader is completed.
    It is very important for me to test every single model that I set available, the last thing I want is for the customer to find problems while building the models, and to be honest I did have quite a lot of fun building that small little thing!
    Do not forget, you may see here it all big and in detail, but the model it is actually about 4cm long, I tried to give this view on the last photo.

One of the things I find useful on this model is the idea I had on making the anti skid areas as well as the belt are actually a decal. This way there is no need to mask, no need to hold your hand tight to paint those stright marks, so the decals will do its job, save you some time / paint and give better results.
Headlights and tailights are actually photo real, and the PE includes two types of handrails, deployed and undeployed (both versions in the example photos).

Also, not visible in the photos (yet) there will be included a driver figure, baggage seen in the photos will also be included. As usual, the conveyor can be raised or lowered at desired position.

Here are the two finished models I have at the moment, yes still a lot of work to do and yes, not sure I will arrive on time by the end of November, but I am not going to rush to check things, I already started the stock process of some of the models.


I really do not want to disappoint anyone for the time it is taking me to do all of this. I want to present things as best as possible, not for the photos but for the customer to enjoy building such tiny kits, these are not 3-piece models, I actually call them kits because the belt loader has no less than 24 resin parts, 8 photo etched parts and decals.

I am continuing making units, but for sure this weekend I wanted to test/complete another item, so I may give a try to the JST-25 tow truck, which I already assembled before, but need to have it painted/decaled.

Thank you all for your patience, I should really give an update to the frontpage of the store… but haven’t had even time to do that yet. I may close the store for a couple-three days prior setting things back in stock, so if you find that, please bear in mind it is due the addition of the new items.

Wish you all have a nice weekend!


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